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Sex trafficking is everywhere. It’s in the cities, but it’s in the suburbs and rural areas of America as well, at an even higher rate than you probably realize.


It is a growing problem in spite of all the awareness. It persists in the face of new laws.


Yet, it does not have to be that way. New strategies are called for.    


SOF has a clear calling from God to work to liberate women and children in Metro Atlanta, the southeastern U.S. and elsewhere who have been coerced into commercial sexual exploitation.


SOF views private investigations as the key to accomplishing this mission and the missing “piece of the puzzle” with regards to fighting trafficking. Information gleaned from private investigations can be used to achieve arrests of traffickers by law enforcement, to identify current victims by name and address for the purpose of rescuing them physically and reaching them with the Gospel, and to prevent children from becoming future victims by redeeming entire neighborhoods.


Due to limited law enforcement resources and scope of purpose, private investigations are essential to the overall reduction of sex trafficking.


To achieve its goals, SOF contributes to groups that employ licensed private investigators to uncover leads regarding sex trafficking.


Since 2013, because of the support of Mission: Possible, 60 verified intelligence leads were given to law enforcement (26 of which involved minors) and 19 victims were rescued. Among those cases, 5 racketeering cases involving hotels were uncovered, 16 arrests were made, multiple assaults on victims were witnessed and reported, and 1 entire neighborhood was redeemed.


In addition, Mission: Possible has raised up two different Evangelism Teams whose purpose is to reach neighborhoods with the Gospel where trafficking victims are known to live. There are many cases where not enough concrete evidence exists for law enforcement to act, but the Gospel is the ultimate freeing force and the best answer to these situations.


SOF wants to take these Evangelism Teams full-time! To do requires approximately $150,000/year, or $12,500/month. This covers missionary support, educational materials, community outreach materials, and other administrative costs.


We believe the Body of Christ is called to lead this fight and to that end we look to partner with Christ-centered organizations in realizing the full potential of our ministry goals.


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