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The Truth Shall Set Them Free

Good News for the Poor. Freedom for the Prisoners.
Sight for the Blind. Now is the Year of the Lord's Favor.
Restore A Child


Costa Rica is a literal tropical paradise filled with warm, hospitable people who treasure their children.  However, in stark contrast to this picture is the fact that 32.2% of Costa Rican women report being sexually abused or raped before the age of 18. SOF supports numerous partners who are dedicated to restoring these children to physical, spiritual, and emotional health and changing this problem forever.




Alpha Ministries is a powerful ministry among Muslims in West Asia. Through a combination of social, educational, and nutritional programs, Alpha Ministries reaches hundreds of Muslims per year with the Gospel and demonstrates the love of Christ on a daily basis.

Mission Possible
(Stop Sex Trafficking Now)


1. Investigate

2. Find Victims

3. Stop Traffickers

4. Repeat


SOF supports numerous groups that conduct investigations and rescue sex trafficking victims. We specialize in locating the victims that are not able to reach out for help on their own.

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